Welcome to my site, I am glad you took the time to stop by! So, I am venturing on a new hobby that is Magnet Fishing.. I have been fishing for the slimy ones (and compliments) all my life but metal is now where its at.

The treasure is not only what you find, but what you leave behind.

How I choose to operate

Seek permission

Where possible, I will seek permission to magnet fish in waters and agree with the respective owner to share my findings.

Find treasures!

The major draw to the sport, who knows what cool stuff is down there! I hope to find some interesting items that might have local historic importance.

Remove rubbish

I really do hate seeing rubbish laying around, so I will always carry black bin liners and clear up and area of general rubbish and plastics. Small measure like this make a big impact long term.


If I cannot up cycle or recondition what I find then I will take the items to the local recycling centre.